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Muay Thai Sponsorship Program

Sumalee Boxing Gym / Muay Thai Sponsorship Program

Muay Thai Sponsorship Program

Since we opened the gym we have run a renowned Muay Thai sponsorship program. A significant number of the fighters we have trained and supported have gone on to become very well known and resected fighters. Most of these fighters were virtually unknown internationally before joining our gym. These fighters include: Daniel Ketley (Australia),  Marcela Soto (Costa Rica), Mauricio Calvo (Costa Rica), Jake Lund (Australia), Craig Dickson (Scotland), Jordan Coe (Scotland) and Martin Avery (UK). We have also run short term scholarships or other assistance programs which have helped a number of fighters make a step up in their career including: Gustavo Navaratte (Ecuador), Amy Sharp (UK), Allan Ryan (Scotland), Liam McKendry (Scotland), Junior Zakiraja (Australia), Adam Smith (Scotland), and Okbae Moon (Korea). Additionally we have worked with and assisted many Thai fighters including the well known Deachkalon Sor Sumalee, Nin Wissett, Payakdam and Yodbuangnam.

Joe Le Maire - Featherweight Champion

We prefer to work with virtually unknown fighters and bring them on ourselves. This way we can be assured that achievement is directly linked to our intervention. Attracting well known fighters so we can capitalise of larger fight purses is not our motivation. We are currently working with a young fighter (18 years of age) from the UK. His name is Joe Le Maire. He previously trained at Unit1 Gym in the UK. We hope to enable him to make the same level of progress as we have achieved with the other young and virtually unknown fighters we have worked with.

Any fighter or coach interested in finding out more about our sponsorship program please contact us: