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Frequently Asked Questions at Sumalee Boxing Gym

Do I need a VISA to visit the Kingdom Of Thailand?

Yes. Citizens from most countries will be able to obtain a 30 day Tourist VISA on arrival in the Kingdom. You need to check first if your country is one of those whose citizens are eligible for this visa.  For longer stays please contact your local Thai Embassy for more information, or visit the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs website.


Which airport do I need to arrive at?

Phuket International Airport (HKT) is your final destination. Our camp is about 20-30 minutes drive from the airport and should cost no more than 600-700 thb by taxi. The local licensed taxi services are safe and reliable. You should always use a licensed taxi which can be recognised by their green number plates.


What level of fitness is required to train at your camp?

Our classes for all levels of fitness, but to get the most out of your training we suggest increasing your cardio vascular fitness before arriving at the camp. Try running, cycling or skipping regularly in combination with strength training.


How can I prepare for my trip?

Here is all the information you need to prepare for your trip:


Are beginners accepted and how are they catered for during the group training sessions?

Students of all levels are very welcome at Sumalee Boxing Gym. Our trainers are well accustomed to beginners and will recognise if you need some extra instruction or guidance. You will be encouraged to take part in all aspects of training provided that it is safe for you to do so.


What equipment do I need for the training?

The absolute essentials are loose fitting shorts, hand wraps and boxing gloves. If you intend to run before training, then you will need running shoes too. We stock a full range of Muay Thai clothing & equipment in our on-site shop.


What is the weather like?

Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate. The weather is almost always 30°C or above during the day, dropping to around 24°C in the evenings. Humidity is also extremely high so light clothing made with natural fabrics is the most comfortable for day-to-day activities.

  • The Dry Season (Nov – April) is perfect for sightseeing, hitting the beach and island hopping. Expect strong sunshine and scarce rainfall.
  • The Wet Season (May – Oct) is popular with students who want to focus primarily on training. Sunshine is still a given, though the climate is generally cooler. Be prepared for heavy showers and thunderstorms.


What is the best time to come?

Thailand is an exciting destination to visit all year round and Phuket hosts a wide range of attractions and events. For consistently clear weather visit in the dry season, but be prepared for more tourist activity and party goers. Some notable annual events in the Phuket calendar are Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) April 13th, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival every October (dates vary), and Loy Krathong (The Festival of Light) every November (dates vary).


How much money do I need when I get here?

This depends on what your goals are. If you will spend most of your time training at the camp additional costs will be minimal. The Ringside Restaurant meal plan can be an effective way of controlling how much you spend on food.

A trip to watch the boxing at the local stadium costs 1500 thb. A large bottle of beer costs about 70 thb. Trips range from between 1500 – 3500 thb depending on what you do and the size of your group.


I am coming alone, do I need to be worried?

Phuket is relatively safe and Sumalee Boxing Gym is well known within the local community. It’s also very easy to make friends at the camp through training and eating meals together. Many long term friendships have been forged here.


Can I fight during my stay?

Yes. All students are eligible to represent the camp in the ring after two weeks of consistent training with our team (minimum). We would also recommend running at least 5km a day to maximise your cardio vascular fitness. Most fights for visiting students take place at Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong and are held under full Muay Thai rules.


For more information please contact us.
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