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Sumalee Boxing Gym / Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Training

Group Muay Thai training runs from 0730-0900 and 1600-1800 Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sunday. Our excellent Muay Thai group training program features twice daily group sessions run by our experienced training team of Muay Thai fighters and champions.

The sessions are an authentic style of Muay Thai which includes 1-1 pad and heavy bag work, and sparring.

Training is held in our open air gym area where we have two full size rings and a large sparring floor. The gym provides a traditional Muay Thai experience, with western standards of cleanliness and ventilation. Group sessions cater for students of all levels, from complete beginners to experienced nak muay looking for intensive pre-fight preparation.

How To Attend

You can either come directly to our facility in Thalang, Phuket (see here) 5-10 minutes before each session starts and pay on the day, or you can contact us to find out more.

*Group training is included in the price of our accommodation for those staying with us.

  • 1x Group Training Session

    • 500THB

  • Weekly - Unlimited Group Training

    • 2,000THB

  • Monthly - 1x Group Training Session Per Day

    • 5,000THB

  • Monthly - Unlimited Group Training Sessions

    • 9,000THB

What should I expect in a group Muay Thai training session?

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Warm Up

It’s a chance to get blood to the working muscles, increase your heart rate, and prepare you for the next 90 minutes.

We have skipping ropes, truck tyres, and a stunning running route on our doorstep, so take your pick and get moving!

Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing

Work on your technique and drill those movements with shadow boxing.

Used in martial arts and Western boxing for eons, proper shadow boxing will enable you to translate to better technique on the pads and bags.

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Pad Work

Work 1-1 with one of our top trainers – it will help you build strength and power in your punches, elbows, knees, and kicks.

Our trainers have a lifetime of experience as Muay Thai fighters and more recently as coaches. They cater to all experience levels and abilities.

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Heavy Bag Work

Heavy bag work is a tool that is as old as the sport itself, used by generations of top Muay Thai fighters.

Designed to give you a tough workout whilst giving you the chance to work on your technique, the heavy bag rounds will leave you gasping for air!

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Sparring with your peers and trainers is a fantastic way to build confidence in your Muay Thai ability. Like a practice match, you can simulate what it would be like to enter a real Muay Thai fight!

There is no obligation to enter into sparring, you can participate in your own time.

Muay Thai Clinching


Clinching is essential in Muay Thai, offering control, strategy, and conditioning. Our training prioritizes clinch techniques, enhancing versatility and preparing fighters for the nuanced challenges of close-quarters combat in the ring.

Emphasizing both offense and defense, our approach ensures participants develop a well-rounded skill set, crucial for success in the dynamic and multifaceted realm of Muay Thai competition.


Stretching and Cool Down

As important as your warm up is your cool down to help you stay limber and injury free for future sessions.

Careful though, the trainers have been known to throw in one last killer round of kicks on the pads!