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Sumalee Boxing Gym / Fighting for Success: Highlights

Fighting for Success: Unravelling the Muay Thai Business in Thailand is Dr Lynne Miller’s (founder of Sumalee) book detailing the story behind Sumalee.  As well as her personal journey, it contains a wealth of information about Muay Thai in Thailand for those wishing to increase their knowledge.  It is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats.  On release, the audiobook was ranked as Number 1 Amazon New Release in the Boxing Biographies category.Amazon Ranking

Fighting for Success: Reviews

Fighting for Success


There is an old U.S. saying about New York City, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” We can add Phuket to that pithy phrase. Lynne Miller has done the business equivalent here by starting a Muay Thai (MT) gym, the same as climbing up Mount Everest by crawling backwards, upside down, without any equipment or oxygen and finally succeeding against impossible odds. MT is easily the most male-dominated business in the country.

‘Fighting for Success’ is a completely riveting, mesmerizing, cannot-put-it-down, Arnold-the-Terminator-delivered gut-punch exposé on how to do (or not do) business in Thailand. That, nor the book, is for the faint of heart or the most cowardly lion. She immediately brings the whole MT business down to bare metal from paragraph one. I am reminded what Daniel Craig just told prospective aspirants about becoming actors: “DON’T DO IT!” ‘Fighting for Success’ sends the same clear message (or lesson) for would-be expat MT entrepreneurs. The book is must-read. As the British always say, “Not bad.”

Matt Lucas, Author of ON FIGHTING IN THAILAND and Journalist

“Fighting For Success” is the story of the hurt business, literally. Lynne Miller talks about the blows and hardships of being in Muay Thai, a ring sport from Thailand. The author details the harrowing adventures and trials of fighters winning, losing, and most importantly how it impacted her business as a gym owner. This is a must read for those interested in Thailand, Muay Thai, and being an entrepreneur in South East Asia

— Eldes Tran, book editor

“Fighting for Success” is no lightweight! It is an honest, compassionate, clear-eyed account of the joys and challenges of owning a Muay Thai gym. Full of practical lessons and wise guidance, the book is truly insightful for entrepreneurs, expatriates in Asia, women of all ages, sports enthusiasts and anyone interested in living to one’s potential.”

Amazon Reader

I was gripped by this book and read it over a weekend. Not only is it a fascinating read for anyone interested in the Muay Thai business in Thailand, it’s also an inspirational story of how a ‘can do’, positive mental attitude can overcome huge challenges and lead to success.

– Amazon Reader

I thought this book would be about Muay Thai only but it was so much more than that. It describes how someone turned into reality a life long dream to live and work in a culture very different to her own. It’s a mother and daughter story. It’s a story about achievement and success despite the many obstacles of doing business in a patriarchal environment. It shows what can be done if you are determined enough to see it through.

– Goodreads Review

This is a great read whether your interest is in Muay Thai, Thailand and its culture, or simply the story of a strong and determined lady carving out a successful career in a traditionally male dominated industry.
Lynne writes with true insight to the Muay Thai world and shares how it is possible to create a successful Muay Thai gym, and a flourishing business, whilst maintaining ethics, respect and compassion.



Patrick Kinghorn with Lynne Miller

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