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Sumalee Yoga Studio

Sumalee Boxing Gym / Sumalee Yoga Studio
Sumalee Yoga Studio

Since opening in December 2011, Sumalee Boxing Gym has become an internationally recognised brand. The business is known for providing excellence in Muay Thai training combined with unrivalled standards of accommodation, facilities, food and service.

In its relatively short history, the gym has helped and supported numerous fledgling fighters, taking them from virtual unknown fledglings to names widely recognised within the Muay Thai community.

As our success has grown, what we have been able to offer our students has also grown.   We now offer much more than just Muay Thai. The range of people we attract is wider than the Muay Thai community alone.


We asked people what they would like is to provide to enhance their experience. Many told us they would like the opportunity to practice yoga. Yoga is seen to have its roots in Asia. It therefore fits our aim of providing a truly cultural experience.

Within the Muay Thai program, 75% of our customers are male. They want to involve partners/families in their Muay Thai training experience. Yoga gives them a way of doing this.

We want people to use their time with us to reflect on their lifestyle choices. We want them to re-evaluate how these choices impact on their well-being.   Last year, we sought professional advice to help us develop a balanced and nutritious menu.

The reviews we have received about our food at the Sumalee Ringside Restaurant are exceptional.

Focusing on mind as well as body seemed to be the logical next step. The number of people who practice yoga has grown exponentially. In our increasingly stressful lives we need to find ways to calm the mind. Yoga does this.   Practicing yoga complements Muay Thai. It increases flexibility, a definite bonus when you are looking for those high kicks.

The benefits of yoga include:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased muscle strength and tone.
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury.

Our spacious and lush campus provides the perfect setting for our yoga studio. It is a traditional Thai style sala and is very spacious.

Sumalee Yoga Studio

It will hold at least thirty people. It will also contain a relaxation area and a juice bar during busy periods.

The program we offer is on three levels.

  • Firstly, regular classes in 2/3 times a week at least.
  • Secondly, offering yoga retreats with invited instructors from around the world.
  • Thirdly, hiring out our facilities to yoga instructors so they can hold their own yoga retreats.

If you are interested in the yoga program or if you are an instructor and would like to find out more, please contact us on:


Sumalee Yoga Studio
Sumalee Yoga Studio