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Sumalee Boxing Gym / Bezerkr Lift


To get strong or make stronger the body, mind, and spirit.  To build upon athletic performance by developing Muscular Hypertrophy (number of muscle fibers recruited and quantity of fibers) and increasing power displacement.


  1. Basic movement assessment performed in warm up (15-20MIN)
  2. Resistance training featuring free weights (i.e. barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands) bodyweight calisthenics, and strongman training preparation. (35-40min)
  3. Stretching and cool down (5-10min)
  4. Individualized attention and programming according to assessment.
  5. Limit of 6 participants per class in a small group focused environment.  The buddy system will be utilized to aid in accountability of exercise order and equipment setup, Repetition count, number of Sets of each exercise, rest period length and interval, and proper exercise Tempo.


  1. Balance the Kinetic Movement Myofascial Chains of the body through specific indicated exercises.  Bodyweight calisthenics and structural balance exercises including Unilateral (single side) exercises will be involved in the initial exercise prescription programming.
  2. After achieving structural balance heavy weight lifts i.e. Barbell Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Overhead Press, Pull ups and Bent over barbell rows can be performed.  Heavy carries, farmer/suitcase, firemans, and front/back loaded will also begin to be programmed into the exercise prescription.
  3. Depending on the display of proper form and ability to perform the lifts in phase 2 at standard athletic norms the participant can move on to power exercises such as Clean and Jerk, Snatch, and plyometrics.  Also if the participant can perform heavy carries at a good measure of distance the more extreme carries can begin with the strongman equipment.  Atlas stones and sandbags as well as the log and axle bar lifts will also begin to be implemented at this stage. 


  1. Initially a yoga mat or two yoga mats to double up.  Possibly a thicker foam exercise mat to put on top of the yoga mat.
  2. At the point where your programming reaches phase 2 you should get knee sleeves or wraps, proper weight lifting shoes or CrossFit style lifting hybrids, arm compression sleeves for atlas stone/sandbag lifts, bar lifting wrist wraps/straps, CrossFit style palm protectors, and your own weight lifting belt and bar pad for back squats and hip thrusts.  Chalk and athletic tape will be provided.

Hosted by Sean O’Brien