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Sumalee Boxing Gym / Karma Retreat 2024

Karma Retreat 2024

Cultural & Wellness Retreat in Phuket, Thailand.

Hosted by Rhian Miller.

October 20th-27th 2024

Are you prepared to embrace a week-long voyage into self-discovery, surrounded by the allure of endless possibilities and enriching experiences? Look no further; The Karma Retreat beckons, a haven where wellness intertwines with culture in the heart of Thailand. Immerse yourself in the tapestry of Thai traditions, relish exquisite local cuisine, and unlock ancient practices that harmonize your mind, body, and soul. Forge connections destined to echo through a lifetime.

Our sanctuary unfolds within Thailand’s acclaimed Muay Thai center, a fusion of tradition and comfort within an ancient coconut plantation. Imagine a world where coconuts are at your fingertips, a health-conscious haven, a tranquil yoga Sala, and an atmosphere brimming with familial warmth. Your retreat awaits in Sumalee’s snug rooms, where daily service ensures your utmost comfort.

Rhian, Yoga Teacher and Sumalee’s co-founder will be leading the this transformative journey. With 12 years residing in Phuket and qualifications as an English-Thai translator, her familiarity with the island is profound. Join our team as we blend local wisdom with top-tier Muay Thai training, crafting the ultimate retreat for those seeking connection, adventure, and holistic well-being. Sneak a glimpse into our enticing itinerary here!

Anticipation fills us as we extend an invitation to our cherished abode. Below, explore the facets shaping our shared experience. Don’t hesitate to connect with any questions – your transformative journey beckons!

Prices start at 67,800THB – Limited places available!

How to Book?

  1. Click here to go to our booking page
  2. Select the dates 20th -27th October 2024 (the package is only available for those dates)
  3. Select your room type
  4. Select ‘Book’
  5. On the next page select ‘Karma Retreat 2024’ (1 adult, 0 children)
  6. Head to the bottom of the page and fill out your guest details
  7. Acknowledge terms & conditions
  8. Select Book Now
  9. You will be diverted to make the down payment of 20% off the total fee to secure your place.

Please email Rhian directly at if you have any questions.

What’s Included

Muay Thai

Group classes will be led by Sumalee’s team of Muay Thai trainers, all of whom are ex pro-fighters each with their own story and various belts to back it! You will be met where you’re at in your training, our trainers are highly experienced in training first-timers all the way up to professional fighters, you can check out our customer reviews here. Not only will you get the chance to experience traditional Muay Thai training, but also join the team to support one of our very own fighters in competition, where you’ll gain unique access ‘backstage’ where you’ll get to observe the fighters being prepped for their entry into the ring.

Solo Travel


Dynamic and meditative classes led by Rhian will open the invitation for you to connect with your body through mindful movement. In a group setting, you’ll explore various Yoga modalities as a way of increasing the possibility for enhanced psycho-somatic connection. Rhian’s approach to teaching is ‘exploration over expectation’, you will have the opportunity to explore new and diverse variations of Yoga poses that meet you where you are at in your Yoga practice.

Karma Retreat 2024


‘Iceman Hoff ‘ has got everyone talking about how breathwork can set the foundation for strengthening body and mind, and for deep physical and emotional healing. In reality these practices have been around for thousands of years and are only just making their way back into mainstream attention. During the retreat you will learn the theory and practice behind a range of breath work techniques that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life as a means of energetic and emotional regulation.


(…glorious food), luckily for you Rhian’s an old time foodie and is THE person to introduce to some of Phuket’s most well hidden culinary secrets. You will have the opportunity to discover Thai food in all of its authenticity at some incredible local spots seldom visited by tourists. A wonderful, healthy breakfast will be served by Sumalee’s onsite restaurant. Our retreat price includes 3 meals a day and unlimited fresh tropical fruits & coconuts from Sumalee’s onsite restaurant.

Karma Retreat 2024


One complimentary massage is included in our retreat price and can be enjoyed during your downtime, you are also free to book additional massages at your leisure.

Karma Retreat 2024


Choose from one of Sumalee’s comfortable, air conditioned en suite rooms, all of which are serviced daily. Options include twin shared, king size, and suite rooms.

Karma Retreat 2024

Cultural Experiences

Sumalee is located outside of Phuket’s better known tourist areas, this means you will have ample chance to mingle with the locals in and around our retreat space. On day to of our retreat will head to the local temple to receive a personalised blessing and welcome to Thailand by an ordained monk as well be introduced to some Buddhist philosophy and local tradition throughout the time we spend together. Head over and take a look at our full itinerary here.

Karma Retreat 2024


Our daily excursions will take you way beyond the average ‘holiday in Thailand’ to some of Phuket’s most picturesque and intriguing sites. We will take a private long tail boat ride around the breathtaking Pang Nga bay, visit a local fishing village, elephant sanctuary and lots more! See full itinerary here. But don’t worry – we will have plenty of time to pause and enjoy the serenity of a number of Phuket’s world renowned beaches.

Karma Retreat 2024


To facilitate an enriching, connected experience for our group the retreat will be limited to 12 participants. Although not mandatory we encourage to join in on all of the itinerary to maintain our groups connection, even if that means taking Svasanna for the entirety of your Yoga class – we value your presence! Over the years it has been an honour to witness the friendships made at Sumalee, to watch as people from all over the world and walks of life, of all ages and professions come together and bond over their shared experience. It’s for this reason that The Karma retreat welcomes participants of all ages, nationalities and gender to come together and create the experience of a lifetime.

Karma Retreat 2024


Our retreat is centred around the rule of Karma, each participants payment will automatically pay for the next persons spot. You will receive a profile of the person who you have paid for once their spot has been secured. This provides a beautiful foot to start out on, the knowledge that one of your fellow retreat mates funded your stay and vice versa. It’s important to us that our local community, many of whom live under relatively harsh conditions, where possible reap some of the reward from the work we do here at Sumalee. This is why we have arranged for a toy/ education material donation to be held at the centre on the last day. A contribution of your retreat price will be used to purchase these, and of course you will be welcome to make further contribution of toys etc, should you choose to.

Airport Transfer

We provide a complimentary shittle to and from the airport for your arrival and departure dates.

About The Host

Sumalee Co-founder, Rhian is highly experienced in the world of Yoga and Holistic Therapy. Passionate about sharing the tools to support optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, she has gained over two thousand hours of professional teaching experience working all over the world with people of all demographics. She was resident Yoga Teacher at Sumalee for five years and is currently sailing the world as Wellness Coordinator onboard of mega yacht Blue Moon. She leads with an ethos of ‘exploration over expectation’.

A message from Rhian “I’m ecstatic to be returning to Sumalee to offer Karma Retreat, myself and the Sumalee team have been working to curate an informed itinerary through which we’re able to share with you a combination of traditional practices in the form of Muay Thai, Yoga and Breathwork, our favourite things to do on the island and all the best local culinary spots. All the while creating maximum opportunity for connection and friendship through shared experience at Karma Retreat. I look forward to welcoming you there!”


Karma Retreat 2024

Do You Want To Know More?

Please email Rhian directly at for more information.