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Sumalee Boxing Gym / Family Friendly Fighting Fitness

Family Friendly Fighting Fitness

After being away for a couple of years it was interesting to return to Sumalee. We stayed for a week, training both Muay Thai and Yoga, before heading on to another highly rated camp nearby. Wish we’d stayed here instead.

Sumalee’s mellowed a little since the earlier days; the clientele is a little older, and while there’s still a lot of great fighters passing through, it’s no longer primarily a place for young western fighters looking to try their luck at the meat-grinder in Bangla Stadium. We met both people gearing up to fight inside and outside Thailand, people looking for a fitness focused holiday, and people looking to shed a few pounds and get healthy.

Common to all of them was that we enjoyed the training immensely, catered to push each of us to perform our best, but never feeling bullying or overbearing. The food at Ringside remains excellent, the attached lodgings are miles beyond what is provided at other camps, and the additional Yoga classes a great compliment to the hardcore training in mornings and evenings.

If you’re a Muay Thai novice there’s no place better, but even expert fighters can learn a lot from their trainers. Newbie or expert, you can be certain you’ll get the exercise of your life.

Lynne Miller