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Sumalee Boxing Gym / News  / Jordan “Deachkalek” Coe to face Leo Pinto at THAI FIGHT Narathiwat
Jordan "Deachkalek" Coe to face Leo Pinto at THAI FIGHT Narathiwat

Jordan “Deachkalek” Coe to face Leo Pinto at THAI FIGHT Narathiwat

Jordan Deachalek Coe Vs Leo PintoSumalee sponsored fighter, Jordan “Deachkalek” Coe, is preparing for the biggest fight of his career. Yesterday we received confirmation that he will be facing French fighter, Leo Pinto (Leo Siangboxing and otherwise known as Victor Pinto) at THAI FIGHT Narathiwat. This will be Jordan’s first appearance at THAI FIGHT and the camp’s first trip to Narathiwat.

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying the power of the Pintos. Leo Pinto and his older brother, Antuan Pinto, have firmly cemented themselves into modern Thai culture. Originally from Toulouse in France, both brothers have lived and fought in Thailand since they were small boys. One decade a lot of fights later and they have picked up a 3 year contract with THAI FIGHT, and make regular appearances in Thai media.

Jordan Leo will be a challenging opponent for Jordan and his résumé is particularly daunting. With nearly 100 fights under his belt, he was named ‘Lumpinee Stadium Best Fighter on Channel 5’ in 2010. Leo is also well known for his elbow knockouts which have stripped many fighters, farang and Thai alike, of their pride.

Our rising star from Scotland has been building a lot of momentum since joining us as a Sponsored Pro Fighter in Phuket. This year alone he has appeared on the well known Max Muay Thai promotion and made his first appearance at Lumpinee Stadium, celebrating victories at both. More recently he defeated another French fighter, Alexis Font, back on home turf in Scotland.

Jordan Jordan will be working closely with Khru Jack over the next 2 weeks to prepare for this fight and should be in excellent shape. Make sure you join us on Twitter for updates from the stadium, or tune in to Thai TV Channel 3 from 18:20 (GMT +7:00) on Saturday 22nd of August to watch LIVE.


Jordan "Deachkalek" Coe to face Leo Pinto at THAI FIGHT Narathiwat

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