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Sumalee Boxing Gym / Muay Thai Fighters  / Muay Thai Scotland interview. Young Guns Part 1: Jordan Coe

Muay Thai Scotland interview. Young Guns Part 1: Jordan Coe

Interview courtesy of MuayThaiScotland

Young Guns part 1: Jordan Coe

One thing people have been calling out for since I started this website is coverage of the booming junior scene we have in this country. I stick by my answer that there is just too much for one person to cover on his own and if anyone else wants to provide monthly updates then please feel free to contact me. That said, there are a number of fighters who have come through the junior ranks and now show true potential to be formidable professional fighters. The first in a series of interviews with Scottish juniors on the cusp of becoming dangerous adult fighters features a sixteen year old who trains out of the Carnage gym in Grangemouth, headed up by Colin Anderson. Jordan Coe is not long back from a training trip to Thailand where he fought and won. His next fight will be against another dangerous up and coming fighter, John Paul Gallagher so I spoke with him about this fight, his time in Thailand and a few other things. My phone has been playing up so I spoke to Jordan over email at the weekend.

Muay Thai Scotland: How long have you been training?

Jordan Coe: I have been training for almost 6 years now.

MTS: What’s your current record?

JC: I am currently holding a record of 16 fights, 11 wins 5 losses, mixture of junior, N class and a C and A class fight

MTS: After fighting in Thailand, will you be fighting A Class from now on?

JC: I won’t be fighting A class right now as I am still young and there is no rush but when I return to Thailand I shall be fighting A class again.

MTS: How long were you in Thailand?

JC: 2 weeks, loved every minute of it.

MTS: Where did you train?

JC: I trained with Sumalee Boxing Gym, I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to train in Thailand to go there they have great training and coaches, clean facilities and the nicest people you will ever meet, great trainers also

MTS: How did you get a fight in Thailand and where did you fight?

JC: I was asked by my trainer Oron Deachkalon if I wanted to fight, I had to think on it for a few days but eventually agreed and made the right decision. I fought at Bangla Stadium in Patong.

MTS: Who did you fight?

JC: I fought a very tall French lad called Jorden. He enjoyed the elbows a lot haha.

MTS: Oh wow! What weapons do you prefer to use when you fight?

JC: I don’t really prefer anything to be honest I just like a mixture of everything.

MTS: Ok, so your next fight is against John Paul, will it be strange fighting someone who you are friends with?

JC: Yes it will be strange, but at the end of the day we are both fighters and we both do what we need to do in the ring and afterwards: just go back to being friends. It will be a fight worth seeing.

MTS: Being 16, how hard is it to fit in school with training and fighting?

JC: It’s ok to be honest, I train most nights and I am still able to fit homework and revision around it.

MTS: How do people at school see you? Teachers?
JC: I think just the same as anyone else really, most people like to hear how I have gotten on and also ask me about joining. Teachers also are interested in hearing how I am doing with it and also like to hear about my fights.

MTS: That’s fantastic! Who are some of your Muay Thai or fighting heroes?

JC: I have many but Oron Deackalon is a great fighter in my eyes and a really good coach. I always like to watch his fights on YouTube. Also SaiyokPumpanmuang and Saenchai they are all round great fighters.

MTS: Great choices there, didn’t expect to see Saiyok’s name. Thank you for your time Jordan, before we go, is there anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank?

JC: I would like to give a special thank you to my coaches Colin Anderson and Michael Roach for making me into the fighter I am today and getting me to where I am today, without them I would not have accomplished what I have. Also to everyone at Carnage Muay Thai and Sumalee Boxing Gym and everybody else that supports me for always giving their support. Also to my mum for doing a lot to allow me to continue doing this sport and getting me to Thailand.

Your Guns Jordan Coe with Deachkalon

Muay Thai Scotland interview. Young Guns Part 1: Jordan Coe

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