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Watch Petbanporn, Joe Le Maire and Sornsin fight at patong stadium
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Watch Petbanporn, Joe Le Maire and Sornsin fight at Patong Stadium

Sumalee Boxing Gym / Fight Results  / Watch Petbanporn, Joe Le Maire and Sornsin fight at Patong Stadium

Watch Petbanporn, Joe Le Maire and Sornsin fight at Patong Stadium


Sumalee Boxing Gym was out in force at Patong Boxing Stadium last week.  The fight card featured Petbanporn, sponsored fighter Joe Le Maire and Sorsin Sumalee.

Petbanporn - Warm up

The first fighter to represent our gym was Petbanporn, who faced a very experienced fighter, Payak Cherngtalay Muay Thai. In the first round Payak landed some hard low kicks which left their mark.  Petbanporn showed a lot of heart with no sign of quitting as he pushed forward landing some kicks of his own.

Petbanporn - Ring entrance

The second round saw Petbanporn sweeping his opponent with a kick and landing some strong knees from the clinch.  Payak, however, knew Petbanporn was still stunned from the low kicks he had landed earlier and scored a knock down twice against the Sumalee fighter.

Petbanporn - Right Hand

Petbanporn showed tremendous heart coming out in Round Three and tried to close the distance on Payak but a big leg kick landed and the fight was called off by the referee.

Joe Le Maire - Pre fight

Up next was our sponsored fighter, Joe Le Maire who has recently won the Patong belt against a highly skilled Thai fighter, Deelert Naram Muay Thai Gym. This time he was up against Petphanliam, another skillful and very experienced Thai fighter.

In Round One Joe used his boxing skills to set up his attacks and found great success landing some nice jabs and straights to the body.  Joe looked comfortable and was settling into a nice rhythm but in the middle of the Round Two, Petphanliam landed an elbow which caused a cut above Joe’s right eye and the fight headed towards the Thai’s favour.

Joe Le Maire - Right kick


In the third round, Joe started attacking the legs to slow down his opponent’s movement and found some success.  However, with each leg kick scored, a body kick from Petphanliam was the reply. Joe had success towards the end of the round with his boxing, landing some nice body shots and low kicks.


In the fourth round, Joe knew he was behind on the scorecard and stepped up the pace and pushed the fight.  Petphanliam, however, had other plans and used his reach and strength to nullifying our young fighter from England.  Again Joe used his boxing skills with success but found himself trailing behind on the scorecard going into the fifth and final round.


In the final round, Petphanliam was on the backfoot scoring with teeps which kept from being able to mount any attacks.  Joe closed the distance and landed a few leg kicks, only to find himself wrapped up in the clinch and swept off his feet.

The fight went the distance with Petphanliam announced as the winner by split decision.

Sornsin - Ring Entrance

The last fighter to represent Sumalee was Sornsin.  He is an aggressive fighter who loves to entertain the crowd.

Sornsin - Wai Khru

Sornsin faced Thepnakorn from Maximum Muay Thai Gym.  Maximum is a gym well known for fearsome punchers and durable fighters. The fight got off to a slow start with the fighters trading teeps and jabs.  Sornsin used a lot of feints to land some of his shots. An even first round to both fighters.

In the second round the fight started off in the clinch as Sornsin tried to muscle his way through to land some knees.  Thepnakorn broke the clinch and swept Sornsin as he threw a kick. The round continued with trading of knees in the clinch.  The round finished fairly evenly.

Thepnakorn - Rest

A low blow was scored early in the beginning of Round Three by Thepnakorn as Sornsin tried to score with a kick. This round played out as the last round with both fighters clinching and trying for sweeps.  Sornsin tried to break the clinch to land body kicks, only to have Thepnakorn answer right back with a kick of his own.

Sornsin - During the fight

Round four was a repeat of the previous round, the only difference being Sornsin closing the distance more often and using his ring craft to cut off the ring and score with big knees. Thepnakorn edged the round, landing some solid body kicks and almost sweeping Sornsin before heading into the fifth and final round.

Sornsin - Clinching

The final round saw both fighters trade very few teeps and light jabs.  Sornsin was confident that he had won the fight and showed sportsmanship and stood off from Thepnakorn.  However, as Sornsin’s undoing as Thepnakorn took advantage and scored three body kicks, ultimately giving him the decision.

Watch all three fight videos below.






Gunn Taylor
Gunn Taylor

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