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Sumalee Student Ross Connor hits the headlines after incredible weight loss!

Sumalee Boxing Gym / News  / Sumalee Student Ross Connor hits the headlines after incredible weight loss!

Sumalee Student Ross Connor hits the headlines after incredible weight loss!

Ross Connor, from Peterborough in the UK, has featured heavily in recent online news stories after his incredible weight loss at our camp in Phuket, Thailand. The change was so dramatic that, upon leaving The Kingdom Of Thailand, officials did not believe that Ross’ passport photo was him! It was only until he showed them progress photos that he was allowed to pass through immigration.

Ross joined us at Sumalee Boxing Gym early last year. He was extremely overweight at 125kg and had a staggering 39% body fat. Ross put this down to a less than nutritious diet, habitual junk food binges and no exercise. His social life suffered and, in turn, so did his confidence. He even dreaded getting on the bus for fear of the discrimination and stares that he would sometimes get.

His journey to fitness was not without it’s challenges. At the beginning of his stay the young brit could not complete a full 2 hour group training session. Kicks and knees were a new experience and he was engaging muscles he had not used in years. Over time, Ross found things became easier as the weight dropped off. He was able to utilise his entire body and develop some of the techniques he had learnt from our trainers.

“I’d watch my idols boxing, and I thought to myself, if they can lose weight at a boxing camp before a fight – then so can I”

By Christmas of 2013 Ross looked like a new man, he had lost 35kg and 10% body fat, a life-changing difference. His time in Phuket was up and he travelled to America to spend some time with his family and young nephews, except this time he would have no problems when they wanted to go for a walk or play in the park. Ross plans to return to Phuket this year to continue his training and finish what he started. Everyone at Sumalee Boxing Gym would like to congratulate Ross on his excellent progress and determination and look forward to seeing him again soon. Read the original articles below.

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  • Lester e.a. Wilson
    15/05/2014 at 19:33

    Just goes to show what you can do once you know what you want to achieve,create a plan and take action.
    It amazes me how many people ignore the fitness lifestyle while they’re young thinking they’re invincible.

    Then when they’re about 40 with a beer gut,they decide to start to struggle to get in shape.

    At 54,most people think I’m about 35.

    I have adapted the fitness lifestyle since I was 15,and I can do things most unfit teenagers cannot.

    When I tell them my age they look at me strangely,as if I’m supposed to look fat haggard and unhealthy.

    When in truth,it all boils down to discipline,enjoyment,and dedication.

    I also have certain times to indulge in junk,which shocks people,but what they don’t realize,is that I don’t eat junk all the time. lol!.

    The real secret to keeping your weight in check,is to learn to understand what effect certain foods have on your body,get to know and understand your body.Simple!

  • [email protected]
    16/05/2014 at 14:01

    It was Ross’s determination and consistent following of a weight loss program comprising a weight loss diet and exercises that has helped him achieve this feat.

  • Stig
    17/05/2014 at 19:04

    Which training program did ross go for? Im very interested and have been looking around for quite some time. I’d face an even greater challenge with my 135kg. I’ve always Been fascinated by muay-thai and where i live there is no gyms or anything that can offer This kind of martial arts training in norway! Long have i admired legends like saenchai, yodsanklai or buakaw! So This is something i would like to try! So im curious about what would the rates be for half a year or maybe even a full year with a single bed room? This is definately something i consider and i was very inspired by ross’s transformation!


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