WATCH: Dok Faa Sumalee and Lib Yodbuangam at Chalong Boxing Stadium

Team Sumalee were back in action again Tuesday night, this time at Chalong Boxing Stadium. Fighting on the card was Dok Faa Sumalee and Lib Yodbuagnam Sumalee.     Dok Faa had a tough opponent who both height advantage and long limbs, enabling her to connect with a lot of punches. Dok Faa showed great…
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WATCH: Liam McKendry Sumalee vs Changthai Sor.Scoonkawe at Bangla Boxing Stadium

Team Sumalee were once again back at Bangla Boxing Stadium and on the card was Scottish fighter, Liam McKendry from M-Mag fight team. [caption id="attachment_7294" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Liam landing a solid left hook.[/caption] Liam was matched with Changthai, a very tall Thai, matching Liam in height. In round 1 Changthai was giving Liam a tough…
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